The role of EVA Yoga Block in yoga and its selection criteria

  EVA Yoga Block, a yoga block made of ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer, is a common auxiliary tool in yoga practice. It provides important support and stability for beginner yoga practitioners and those with poor flexibility, helping to adjust postures, ensure the correctness of movements, and avoid injuries.

EVA yoga blocks

  Provide support: For certain movements that require deep stretching or support, such as hand-to-the-ground postures (such as triangle extension) or spine backbends, yoga bricks can help practitioners stabilize their bodies and ensure standard movements.

  Help adjust postures: Through the support of yoga bricks, practitioners can adjust their body posture more accurately to bring it up to standard, so as to better feel the stretching and relaxation of muscles.

  Increase balance: When performing certain actions that require balance, yoga bricks can be used as a stable support point to help practitioners maintain balance.

  Protect the body: For certain movements that may cause physical discomfort or injury, yoga blocks can act as a buffer to reduce pressure on the body.

  Criteria for choosing EVA Yoga Block

  Hardness: The hardness of the EVA material depends on individual needs and the type of exercise. Generally speaking, softer EVA yoga blocks (such as hardness between 30A and 45A) are suitable for beginners and practitioners who need more support, because they provide better cushioning and support. Harder yoga bricks (such as hardness between 50A and 65A) are more suitable for practitioners with a certain foundation, because they provide stronger support and stability.

  Shape: The shape of the yoga brick is also a factor in selection. Common shapes include rectangle, circle and oval. Rectangular yoga blocks are the most common and suitable for most exercises. Round and oval yoga blocks are more suitable for certain poses or exercises.

  Color: The color is mainly chosen based on personal preference and practice environment. Yoga bricks of different colors can add color to the practice space and improve the practitioner’s mood and concentration.


  When choosing an EVA Yoga Block, the most important thing is to choose the appropriate hardness, shape and color based on your needs and type of practice. At the same time, ensure that the quality of yoga bricks is reliable, the material is safe and non-toxic, comfortable to handle, non-slip and wear-resistant, so as to ensure the safety and effectiveness of practice.

  Reference values for selecting EVA yoga blocks

  Hardness: 30A to 65A, selected according to needs.

  Color: A variety of colors are available, such as white, black, color, etc.

  Size: The common size is 23cm x 15cm x 7.6cm.

  Material: EVA, ensuring non-toxic, odorless, non-slip and wear-resistant.

  ​Hope this information can help you better understand the role of EVA Yoga Block in yoga and how to choose the right yoga block.

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