Cork EVA

Orthotic insole materials for comfort and support.

Cork EVA is a composite material that combines the comfort of natural cork with the support of EVA material, along with good anti-slip and anti-bacterial properties to prevent bacterial growth and foot slippage, making it an ideal material for orthotic insoles.

Cork EVA Manufacturers and Suppliers from China

High-quality materials for high-quality orthopedic insole midsoles.

Introduction to Cork EVA Sheet Materials

Cork EVA sheet is a sheet-like material made by special processing of natural cork bark and EVA material. It has excellent elasticity and wear resistance, while maintaining the softness and comfort of natural cork. This material can be used in various situations that require elasticity and cushioning, such as insoles, mouse pads, cork message boards, etc.

Cork EVA sheets have the following advantages:
Environmental protection: Cork EVA sheet is processed from natural cork bark and EVA material, without harmful substances, and is an environmentally friendly material.
Elasticity and cushioning: Cork EVA sheets have excellent elasticity and cushioning properties, which can absorb impacts and pressure, providing a comfortable touch.
Wear resistance: Cork EVA sheets have good wear resistance and can resist wear and scratches in daily use.
Easy to process: Cork EVA sheets are easy to process and can be cut into different shapes and sizes as needed.
Affordable price: Cork EVA sheets are relatively affordable and suitable for various occasions that require elasticity and cushioning.

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