EVA Foam Block

Perfect material for orthopedic insole and foot-care applications.

EVA foam blocks are commonly used in the production of orthotic insoles and shoe inserts. These blocks are made from ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) foam, which is known for its excellent shock absorption and cushioning properties. In the case of orthotic insoles, the foam blocks are custom molded to match the shape and contours of the patient's feet, providing personalized support and alignment.

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EVA Block for use in insoles and orthotics

When used in orthotic insoles for correcting foot and gait issues, EVA foam blocks can provide several benefits, such as:
  • Enhanced Support: By providing targeted support and alignment to the feet, can help improve foot and gait issues, reducing pain and discomfort.
  • Improved Comfort: EVA foam blocks offer excellent cushioning and shock absorption properties, reducing pressure on the feet and providing a more comfortable fit.
  • Customization: EVA foam blocks can be easily molded and shaped to match the contours of the patient’s feet, allowing for a more personalized fit and better correction of foot and gait issues.
EVA foam blocks are a popular and effective choice for use in orthotic insoles and shoe inserts, providing customized support and comfort to those with foot and gait issues.