Orthotic Top Cover

Perfect material for orthopedic insole and foot-care applications.

Insole Top Covers are overlays that are placed on top of the insole and they provide additional comfort and protection; usually made of soft, durable materials such as leather, soft polymers, cotton fabrics, and more. They also extend the life of the insole by providing additional moisture-wicking and breathable properties and protecting the insole from wear and stains.

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A variety of top covers material characteristics for orthopedic insoles and orthotics:

NEOPRENE is a soft rubber material with good elasticity and compression resistance.

EVA is a light and durable foam material with excellent flexibility, cushioning and compression resistance, which is the raw material for Top Cover of common orthopedic insoles.

SBR is a synthetic rubber material with good elasticity and abrasion resistance, which can effectively prevent the material from wear and tear due to daily use.

CR is a soft, breathable synthetic rubber material used to make orthopedic insoles Top Cover. breathability will be very good, effectively reducing foot moisture and bacteria breeding.

NEOPRENE, EVA, SBR and CR materials can all be used to make orthotics or orthotic insoles Top Cover, the advantages and applicability of these materials vary. Choosing the right material for you can improve the effectiveness of your orthotics and orthotic insoles