Application of dual-density EVA Block material in insoles

  Dual Density EVA Block material is an innovative composite material that combines two different density EVA layers to provide superior performance and adaptability. This material is widely used in insole manufacturing because of its ability to combine multiple advantages to meet different wearing and support needs.

OEM Double density EVA

  Material properties

  Dual-density EVA Block material consists of two EVA layers of different densities, usually the upper layer is softer EVA and the lower layer is harder EVA. This structure allows the insole to provide sufficient support while also having good cushioning properties. The softer EVA in the upper layer can absorb shock and reduce the pressure on the foot, while the harder EVA in the lower layer provides stable support and prevents the foot from rolling excessively.

  Manufacturing process

  The manufacturing of dual-density EVA Block materials usually involves two main steps: first, two EVA layers of different densities are manufactured separately; then, the two layers are combined together through heat pressing or other bonding techniques to form a whole. This manufacturing process allows manufacturers to precisely control the thickness, density and hardness of each layer to meet specific design requirements.

  Application scenarios

  Dual-density EVA Block material is particularly suitable for insoles that require high support and cushioning properties, such as running shoes, basketball shoes and sports shoes. These insoles are often required to withstand high impact and rapidly changing pressures, and the dual-density EVA Block material provides excellent support and cushioning to protect feet from injury.


  Excellent cushioning performance: The softer EVA in the upper layer can effectively absorb ground reaction forces and reduce the impact on the feet.

  Stable support: The harder EVA in the lower layer provides stable support, helping to maintain the correct posture of the foot and reducing the risk of sports injuries.

  Personalized fit: The dual-density design allows manufacturers to adjust the thickness and hardness of the upper and lower layers based on different foot shapes and movement needs to achieve a personalized fit.

  Comfort: The dual-density EVA Block material is soft and comfortable, providing an excellent wearing experience.

  Durability: EVA material itself has high durability and can withstand the wear and tear of long-term use and maintain stable performance.

  To sum up, the dual-density EVA Block material shows significant advantages in insole manufacturing. It combines excellent cushioning performance, stable support and personalized fit to provide athletes with excellent foot protection and comfort. sex. With the continuous advancement of technology, the application of dual-density EVA Block materials in the field of insoles will become more and more widespread.

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