EVA Block Archery Target: Ideal for Archery Lovers

  In archery, target selection is crucial to protecting the wall, ensuring archery effects, and improving the archery experience. EVA Block (ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer block) is a lightweight, soft and elastic material, making it an ideal choice for making archery targets. So, what kind of EVA Block is most suitable for archery targets? Next, we will elaborate on the hardness, density, shape and production process.

EVA Block Archery Target

  1. Selection of hardness and density

  For archery targets, appropriate hardness and density are crucial to ensure stable arrow insertion and reduce rebound. Generally speaking, EVA Block with a hardness between 40A and 50A is more suitable for making archery targets. This hardness of EVA Block can not only ensure the smooth insertion of arrows, but also reduce the rebound of arrows, thereby protecting the wall from damage.

  In terms of density, it is recommended to choose EVA Block with a density of 40 to 50kg/m³. This density of EVA Block not only ensures the portability of the archery target, but also slows down the impact of the arrow to a certain extent, reduces the vibration to the shooter’s arm, and improves the comfort of archery.

  2. Shape design

  The shape of the archery target is also an important factor to consider when choosing. Common EVA Block archery target shapes include circles, squares, and hexagons. Round archery targets are suitable for beginners and practice because of their symmetry and stability; square archery targets have a larger area and can accommodate more arrows, suitable for competitive competitions and high-intensity training; hexagonal arrows The target combines the advantages of round and square, and is both stable and has a certain area.

  3. Production process

  When making EVA Block archery targets, the molding process is usually used. First, the EVA material is heated to a softened state, and then poured into a preset mold. Through high pressure and temperature control, it is completely filled in the mold and evenly distributed. After the material cools and solidifies, the molded EVA Block archery target is obtained. This manufacturing process can ensure that the size of the target is accurate and the shape is stable, while ensuring the uniform distribution and stable performance of the EVA material.

  4. Advantages of archery targets

  Compared with other archery targets, EVA Block archery targets have the following advantages:

  Lightweight and easy to carry: EVA material has lightweight characteristics, making the overall weight of the archery target lighter and easy to carry and move.

  Soft protection: The softness and elasticity of EVA Block can effectively slow down the impact of arrows, protect the wall from damage, and also reduce the vibration to the shooter’s arm.

  Durable and stable: EVA material has excellent wear resistance and aging resistance, making the target have a longer service life and more stable performance.

  5. Service life

  The service life of EVA Block archery targets depends on factors such as frequency of use, maintenance, and material quality. Generally speaking, under normal use and maintenance, the service life of EVA Block archery targets can reach 2 to 3 years. In order to extend the service life of the archery target, it is recommended to clean it regularly and avoid direct sunlight and high temperature baking.

  To sum up, choose an EVA Block with a hardness of 40A to 50A and a density of 40 to 50kg/m³. The target is made by molding process. It has the advantages of being light and easy to carry, soft and protective, durable and stable. It is the best choice for archery enthusiasts. Ideal. At the same time, through correct use and maintenance, the service life of EVA Block archery targets can reach 2 to 3 years, providing long-lasting and reliable protection for archery.

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