EVA beauty tool polishing block

  In the beauty industry, the polishing quality of skin care and beauty tools is crucial to achieving ideal beauty results. EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer) beauty tool polishing block stands out in the beauty field due to its excellent material properties and fine production technology, becoming the first choice of professional beauticians and skin care enthusiasts.

EVA beauty tool polishing block

  1. Product Material: Excellent Characteristics of EVA

  The EVA beauty tool polishing block is made of high-quality EVA material, which has excellent softness, durability and waterproofness. Its unique elasticity ensures that during the polishing process, it can effectively remove dead skin cells and impurities while avoiding over-irritation of the skin, ensuring skin comfort and safety.

  2. Production technology and production process

  Mold making: First, make an accurate mold according to the design requirements to ensure that the shape and size of the grinding block meet the standards.

  Material preparation: Cut the EVA material into appropriate size and preheat it to the appropriate temperature to make it easy to form.

  Molding process: Pour the preheated EVA material into the mold, and use high pressure and temperature control to completely fill the mold and distribute it evenly.

  Cooling and solidification: After the material is cooled to room temperature in the mold, it is demoulded to obtain the shaped EVA polishing block.

  Fine grinding: edge trimming and surface polishing of the formed grinding block to ensure it is smooth and flawless.

  3. Finished product effect: meticulous and efficient

  The EVA beauty tool polishing block that has been carefully made has a smooth and even surface without any impurities or bubbles. When used, it can easily remove aged cuticles and impurities on the skin surface without damaging the skin. After use, skin takes on a healthy glow, becomes more refined and smoother.

  4. Application in the field of beauty

  EVA beauty tool polishing blocks are widely used in many fields such as facial care, body care and nail care. In facial care, it can effectively remove dead skin cells, promote skin metabolism, and improve the skin’s absorption capacity; in body care, it can be used to polish and smooth the skin all over the body, helping the skin restore its delicate touch; in manicure care, It can be used to polish the nail surface to make it smoother and lay a good foundation for subsequent nail polish application.

  5. Specific reference values

  Softness: The Shore hardness of EVA material is usually between 30A-50A, ensuring that the sanding block is both soft and durable.

  Wear resistance: After thousands of use tests, the EVA grinding block can still maintain good grinding effect and service life.

  Dimensional accuracy: The dimensional error of the grinding block is controlled within ±0.5mm, ensuring that each product meets high-standard quality requirements.

  In summary, EVA beauty tool polishing blocks play an important role in the beauty industry with their excellent materials, fine production techniques and wide range of applications. It provides professional beauticians and skin care enthusiasts with professional and efficient skin care tools to help them achieve perfect skin care and maintenance.

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