Camo EVA sheet:craftsmanship

  With its unique comprehensive properties, Camo EVA sheet has become the main material in various industries such as footwear, luggage, sports equipment and packaging. This material stands out for its customizable thickness, size, color and density, making it an ideal solution for a variety of applications.

Camo EVA sheet

  ​Technology and production process

  EVA, ethylene vinyl acetate, is a thermoplastic elastomer that combines the elasticity of rubber with the processing properties of plastic. The production of Camo EVA sheets begins with the careful selection of a suitable EVA substrate, which is then customized to meet specific requirements. Board thickness, size and color can be customized to meet the unique needs of each project.

  The density of Camo EVA sheets ranges from 25 to 300 kilograms per cubic meter, ensuring the material is lightweight yet durable. Hardness can be adjusted from 20 to 55 degrees, depending on the desired application. The panels are then produced through a controlled heating and cooling process, ensuring uniform quality throughout.

  Application areas

  Camo EVA sheets have entered various industries because of their unique properties. In the shoe industry, it is used in insoles and shoe midsoles to provide cushioning and comfort. In luggage and sports equipment, it is used for padding and insulation, protecting items from impact. In the packaging industry, Camo EVA sheets are used in protective packaging to ensure the safe arrival of delicate items.

  Introduction to material advantages

  Camo EVA sheet exhibits a variety of superior performance characteristics that make it stand out from other materials. Its customizable thickness and density allow it to be tailored to specific applications, ensuring optimal performance. The material is lightweight and durable, making it suitable for use in a variety of environments, from indoors to outdoors.

  The material’s water and moisture resistance and excellent insulating properties make it ideal for swimming pool equipment and other water applications. Its non-toxic and hypoallergenic properties make it safe for use in contact with skin, making it suitable for use in infant insoles, insoles and other applications where comfort and safety are important.

  These boards can also be printed using screen printing or transfer printing techniques, allowing for branding, customization and added aesthetic value. Whether it’s a unique pattern, logo or color scheme, Camo EVA sheets offer endless customization possibilities.

  Judging from the specific values, Camo EVA sheets can be produced in a thickness range of 1mm to 5mm, providing a series of options for different applications. The material’s flash-foaming properties, such as its ability to recover quickly from compression, make it an excellent choice for applications requiring repeated impact and compression.

  Camo EVA sheet offers a unique combination of properties, making it an ideal solution for a variety of applications. Its customizable thickness, size, color and density, coupled with its lightweight and durable properties, water and moisture resistance, excellent insulation properties and non-toxic hypoallergenic properties, make it stand out from other materials. With its superior performance and unlimited customization options, Camo EVA sheets are sure to meet the needs of any project.

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