Camo EVA Sheet: The charm of multifunctional foam sheets

  Camo EVA Sheet, also known as camouflage EVA foam sheet, is a material with unique properties and wide applications. Let’s take a closer look at this fascinating product.

Camo EVA Sheet

  First, the thickness of Camo EVA Sheet can be customized from 1mm to 50mm, which provides flexibility for different needs. Whether you need thin or thick foam sheets, you’ll find them. Furthermore, its dimensions can be customized to your exact requirements, ensuring a perfect fit for your project.

  The color of this foam sheet is colorful camouflage, which adds a unique visual effect to your design. Its bright colors and camouflage pattern make it stand out among other materials and attract attention whether it is used for packaging, shoe soles or other creative applications.

  Camo EVA Sheet is available in a variety of specifications, such as EVA20, EVA30, EVA45, EVA60 and EVA70. Different specifications mean different performance characteristics, and you can choose the most suitable one according to your specific needs.

  It is available in both sheets and rolls, which provides more possibilities for use. Sheets are suitable for the production of individual parts, while rolls facilitate mass production and application.

  Density ranges from 90-120 kg/m3 and hardness ranges from 38-70 Shore C, making Camo EVA Sheet both tough and soft. It provides good support and cushioning while maintaining some flexibility.

  ​To ensure quality and reliability, Camo EVA Sheet has a series of authoritative certificates, such as BSCI, Reach, ISO, Intertek and Walmart, etc. These certifications prove that the product meets high standards of quality, giving you peace of mind.

  In addition to the material itself, Camo EVA Sheet also provides a variety of services, such as die-cutting and gluing. This makes processing and customization easier to meet your needs in various fields.

  Camo EVA Sheet is widely used in packaging, shoe soles, baby toys, construction, paper-cutting and models, etc. Its versatility makes it ideal for many industries, adding functionality and aesthetics to products.

  Whether it is personalized packaging design, comfortable soles, safe baby toys, or creative paper cutting and model making, Camo EVA Sheet can show its unique charm. Its customizability, colorful appearance and superior performance make it an ideal material to inspire creativity and enable innovation.

  If you are looking for a versatile, unique and reliable foam sheet material, Camo EVA Sheet is definitely worth your attention. Let it bring distinctive effects and value to your project!

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