What material is carbon fiber?

Carbon fiber insoles

Carbon fiber is a type of material made of pure carbon. It consists of fibrous carbon bundles or filaments that are processed under high temperatures and pressure to form a strong structure. Carbon fiber exhibits excellent characteristics such as high strength, high stiffness, low density, and exceptional corrosion resistance.

The manufacturing process of carbon fiber typically involves two steps. Firstly, a preformed fiber fabric containing a polymer matrix is placed in a mold and impregnated with resin. Then, through heating and applying pressure, the resin is cured and bonded with the fibers, forming the final carbon fiber composite material.

Due to its outstanding physical properties, carbon fiber is widely used in industries. Such as aerospace, automotive, sports equipment, construction, and more. For example, it helps reduce weight and improve fuel efficiency in airplanes and cars, while increasing stiffness and strength in sports equipment, enhancing performance.

Carbon fiber is commonly used on sports insoles, which can effectively enhance sports performance. If you need carbon fiber insoles, you can take a look at this product, it may be what you want.

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