Introduction to 25mm EVA foam function

  25mm EVA foam is a kind of material with good cushioning performance and elasticity, which is widely used in various fields.Its thickness of 25mm is medium, providing good support and cushioning effect.EVA foam is a thermoplastic elastomer, which is copolymerized by ethylene and vinyl acetate. It has good elasticity and cushioning properties and is widely used in insoles, packaging materials, sports equipment and other fields.

25mm EVA foam

 The following are some main uses of 25mm EVA foam:

  Production of insole: Due to its excellent elasticity and cushioning performance, 25mm EVA foam is often used to make insoles to provide foot comfort and protection.

  Packaging material: Due to its good cushioning performance, 25mm EVA foam can be used as packaging material to protect the product from damage during transportation.

  Sports equipment manufacturing: When manufacturing sports equipment and sporting goods, 25mm EVA foam is also often used, such as basketball, football, etc., to provide adequate support and protection.

  Sound insulation material: Due to its good sound insulation performance, 25mm EVA foam can effectively absorb and block sound and provide a quiet atmosphere.It is widely used in places where noise reduction is needed, such as offices, libraries, and bedrooms.

  Auto parts manufacturing: Due to its excellent durability and cushioning performance, 25mm EVA foam is also often used to manufacture auto parts, such as car seats, door panels, instrument panels, etc. It can provide good comfort and safety, improving the driving experience.

  Toy manufacturing: 25mm EVA foam is also often used to make children’s toys because of its safe, non-toxic, bright color and flexible texture.

  Decoration and beautification: bright colors and good processing performance make 25mm EVA foam an ideal choice in the field of decoration and beautification.It can be used to make decorations, gift packaging, display stands, etc., adding color and creative elements.

  Building materials: EVA foam is also often used as sound insulation and heat insulation materials in buildings.

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