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Ideastep EVA Customization Project

EVA flat foot insoles product picture
Customized insole EVA
high-density EVA foam
EVA foam board customization
eva foam rolls
Customized EVA foam roll
EVA milling block customization
EVA customization for insoles

Ideastep provides customized services for EVA insole materials, with a professional production line that can produce high-quality EVA insole materials that meet user needs.

Multifunctional EVA foam block

Ideastep provides EVA foam board customization, which can be customized in terms of hardness, style, color and use.

Development of EVA foam roll
Ideastep, as a professional EVA manufacturer, has an excellent EVA foam roll production line and can produce corresponding foam rolls according to customer needs.
Multipurpose EVA milling block

Ideastep has advanced EVA milling lathes that can meet all EVA milling needs.

EVA application cases

EVA for sports correction insoles 1
EVA insole manufacturing
EVA milling block customization
Cork EVA insoles
Cork EVA insoles

Sample drawing of Ideastep EVA products

Ideastep EVA supplier introduction


Ideastep is a leading company specializing in the production and manufacture of EVA foam and orthopedic insoles. We are a factory and supplier, specializing in manufacturing and customizing a wide range of high quality EVA foam sheets, industrial rubber sheets, EVA cork and carbon fiber sheets, which are mainly used as raw materials for Ideastep orthopedic insoles and foot support PP shells. We not only have advanced production equipment and technology, but also have an experienced and creative R&D team dedicated to providing the best quality products and services to our customers.

Ideastep manufacturer production environment