A60 High Density EVA Foam Sheet

Ideastep EVA Sheet- Beige – Shore A60.

Ideastep EVA Sheet – Blue – Shore A60.

Ideastep EVA Sheet – Green– Shore A60.

Ideastep EVA Sheet – White – Shore A60.

Dimensions: 30cm x 40cm

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A60 High Density EVA Foam Sheet 1

  EVA is a high-performance material with excellent abrasion, corrosion and heat resistance properties. This material is made from ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer (EVA) and is suitable for the manufacture of orthopedic insoles, tote bags and other products requiring comfort and durability. Shore A60 is a denser, rock-solid material that is primarily used as a hard-sole material for shoe soles and is not easily deformed super stable.

  A60 high-density EVA foam sheet is a high-density EVA foam material with excellent shock absorption performance and sound insulation effect. It can reduce the noise and vibration of vehicles while driving, and improve ride comfort. In addition, this material also has flame retardant properties, which can improve the safety of cars.

  In the field of construction, A60 high-density EVA foam sheet is widely used in insulation materials. It has good thermal insulation performance and insulation performance, which can effectively reduce energy loss and improve the energy efficiency of buildings. At the same time, this material also has good water resistance and weather resistance, which can maintain stable performance under different environmental conditions.

  The processing performance of A60 high-density EVA foam sheet is also excellent, which can be used for sawing, planing, milling, drilling, nailing and other processing operations, making it convenient and fast to produce products of various shapes and sizes. This material can also undergo processing operations such as hot pressing, bonding, and wrapping, and can be combined with other materials to improve the quality and performance of the product.