EVA Block Foam production process and process guide

  EVA Block Foam, ethylene vinyl acetate foam block, is a material widely used in various fields. This article will give you a detailed introduction to the production process, production process and final product of EVA Block Foam.

EVA Dual Density Slabs

  1. Production process

  The production process of EVA Block Foam mainly includes the following steps:

  Raw material preparation: Choose appropriate EVA particles, which usually have a certain hardness and elasticity.

  Foaming: Put EVA particles into the mold and heat them to foam and expand to form foam blocks.

  Ripening: The foamed foam block needs to undergo a period of aging to stabilize its performance.

  Cutting: Cut the matured foam blocks as needed to obtain EVA Block Foam of different shapes and sizes.

  2. Production process

  Material ratio: According to the required foam performance, determine the ratio of EVA particles and other additives.

  Mixing: Thoroughly mix the EVA particles and additives to ensure even distribution of the material.

  Injection molding or extrusion: Inject the mixed material into the mold or extruder by injection molding or extrusion.

  Foam molding: Under a certain temperature and pressure, the material is foamed and molded to obtain the preliminary EVA Block Foam.

  Cooling and shaping: After foam molding, the foam block is allowed to cool in the mold to maintain its shape and size.

  Post-processing: Trim and polish the foam block to make its surface smoother.

  3. Characteristics of EVA Block Foam

  The completed EVA Block Foam has the following characteristics:

  Lightweight and high strength: Foam blocks are relatively light, but have certain strength and toughness.

  Good cushioning performance: can effectively absorb shock and vibration, protecting items or human body from harm.

  Thermal insulation: It has good thermal insulation and thermal insulation properties and can be used for thermal insulation materials or packaging materials.

  Easy to process: It can be processed into various shapes and sizes by cutting, gluing, etc. to meet different needs.

  Widely used: suitable for sports equipment, toys, packaging, construction and other fields.

  The production process and process of EVA Block Foam are relatively simple, but the parameters of each link need to be strictly controlled to ensure the quality and performance of the final product. In practical applications, EVA Block Foam with different properties can be selected according to specific needs, and rationally designed and used based on its characteristics.

  I hope this article will help you understand the production of EVA Block Foam. If you have further questions or require further information, please feel free to contact us.

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