Customizing EVA Foam Sheet Colors Based on Preferences of Different Audience Groups


When customizing the colors of EVA foam sheets, it is crucial to consider the preferences of different audience groups. People of varying ages, genders, cultural backgrounds, and regions have different color preferences and associations, so customizing colors needs to take these factors into account.

For younger audiences, bright and vibrant colors such as orange, blue, and green are often more popular because they convey energy and creativity. On the other hand, older audiences tend to prefer more stable and classic colors, such as gray, deep blue, and brown.

In terms of culture and region, different cultures have different color symbolism. For example, in Western countries, red often represents passion and power, while in Asian countries, red symbolizes auspiciousness and celebration. The climate and environment of a region also affect color choices. In hot regions, people may prefer cooler colors.

Therefore, customizing the colors of EVA foam sheets needs to consider the product’s usage scenario, the cultural background and preferences of the target audience, and other factors to ensure that the color choices attract the target audience and enhance the product’s market competitiveness.

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