Closed cell cross-linked hard EVA foam block

  In the industrial field, the requirements for materials are often more stringent, requiring good durability, waterproofing, and many other properties. To meet these needs, we introduce to you a high-quality closed-cell cross-linked rigid EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer) foam block.

EVA foam block

  1. Excellent durability

  This closed-cell cross-linked hard EVA foam block is made of high-quality EVA material and has excellent durability. Whether in high or low temperature environments, it maintains stable performance and is not easily deformed or damaged. In addition, its closed-cell structure can also effectively prevent the intrusion of moisture and dust, ensuring the long-term service life of the product.

  2. Excellent waterproof performance

  The foam block has good waterproof properties and can effectively resist the erosion of external moisture. Its surface has been specially treated to not only have excellent waterproof performance, but also to be moisture-proof and mildew-proof. This makes it excellent in wet environments or underwater applications and is one of the indispensable materials in the industrial field.

  3. Excellent resistance to grease and solvents

  Closed-cell cross-linked hard EVA foam blocks also have excellent grease and solvent resistance. It can resist the erosion of various chemical substances, such as grease, solvents, etc., maintaining the integrity of the material and stable performance. This makes it have broad application prospects in chemical, paint, coating and other industries.

  4. Customized services

  We provide comprehensive OEM&ODM services and can customize closed-cell cross-linked hard EVA foam blocks of different thicknesses, sizes and colors according to customers’ specific needs. Whether you need mass production or personalized customization, we can provide you with a satisfactory solution.

  5. Wide application fields

  This closed-cell cross-linked hard EVA foam block is suitable for a variety of industrial application scenarios. It can be used to make gaskets, sound insulation materials, heat insulation layers, etc., and is widely used in automobile, machinery, electronics, construction and other industries. At the same time, its excellent waterproof and chemical resistance properties also make it widely used in shipbuilding, chemical industry and other fields.

  In short, closed-cell cross-linked hard EVA foam block has become an ideal choice for industrial applications due to its excellent durability, waterproof performance, resistance to grease and solvents, etc. We are committed to providing you with high-quality products and services to meet your different needs. Let us join hands to create a better future!

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