Carbon Fiber Sheets

Orthopedic insole materials that provide superb support and comfort.

  • Extremely high durability
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Lightweight

Mixture, density, thickness, size, and color can be customized on demand!



Carbon Fiber Sheets
Carbon Fiber Sheets
Carbon Fiber Sheets 2
Carbon Fiber Sheets 2

code size Thick weight material
CF 200×120millimeter 3/1.8/1.5millimeter 92/63/55g carbon fibre


Carbon fiber board is a high-performance composite material composed of carbon fiber and epoxy resin. With excellent strength and stiffness, carbon fiber also has extremely high durability and lightweight characteristics, making it suitable for making various types of orthopedic insoles, including arch support, heel support, sole support, etc., helping to improve foot problems and reduce pain. It can provide excellent support and stability for the feet, while also adapting to different foot shapes and gait patterns.

Carbon fiber board is a fiber material that has undergone resin infiltration and hardening treatment, with high tensile strength, corrosion resistance, seismic resistance, impact resistance, and other properties. It has a wide range of uses, including but not limited to the following aspects:
1. Structural reinforcement: Carbon fiber board can be used to reinforce industrial and civil buildings, railway and highway bridges, tunnels, chimneys, tower structures, etc., to improve the strength and stability of the structure.
2. Reinforcement materials: In the fields of concrete beam bending and shear reinforcement, concrete floor and bridge slab reinforcement, concrete, brick masonry walls, scissor walls reinforcement, etc., carbon fiber board can be used as a reinforcement material to improve the bearing capacity and service life of buildings.
3. Making drone fuselage: Carbon fiber board can also be used to make multi rotor drone fuselage, such as traversing aircraft, aerial drones, etc.