Crafting with Ethylene Vinyl Acetate Foam Blocks: A Comprehensive Guide for Beginners and Professionals

Summary: EVA foam, a lightweight and flexible foam material, is widely used in various industries for packaging, cushioning, and other applications. Leading manufacturers like Monmouth Rubber & Plastics produce high-quality EVA foam materials in the United States. When choosing a manufacturer, factors such as quality, customization, pricing, and lead time should be considered. EVA foam blocks are particularly useful for crafting projects due to their lightweight, easy-to-work-with properties, and impact resistance.

Who Makes EVA Foam?

EVA foam, a lightweight and flexible foam material widely used in packaging, cushioning, and various other applications, is produced by specialized manufacturers. Understanding the production process and identifying reputable manufacturers is crucial for businesses to ensure high-quality materials.

Monmouth Rubber & Plastics: A Leading Manufacturer

Monmouth Rubber & Plastics (MRP) has been manufacturing EVA foam in the United States since 1964. Known for their expertise and innovative solutions, MRP is a trusted supplier of EVA foam sheets and blocks to various industries. They utilize advanced technology and strict quality control measures to produce high-quality foam materials.

Case Studies

  • Ideastep: An online packaging supplier utilizes MRP’s EVA foam sheets to create custom-designed protective packaging solutions for electronics and other sensitive products. This innovative approach significantly reduces product damage during transportation and storage.
  • Manufacturing Company: A leading manufacturing company in the automotive industry relies on MRP’s EVA foam for cushioning and protection of critical components during transportation and assembly. This has resulted in reduced manufacturing defects and increased efficiency.

Factors to Consider When Choosing an EVA Foam Manufacturer

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  • Quality: Look for manufacturers with established quality control measures and certifications.
  • Customization: Consider the need for custom-designed EVA foam products to meet specific requirements.
  • Pricing: Compare prices from different manufacturers to find competitive options.
  • Lead Time: Ensure the manufacturer can deliver materials within your desired timeframe.


EVA foam manufacturers like Monmouth Rubber & Plastics play a crucial role in providing high-quality materials for various industries. By carefully selecting a reputable manufacturer with the necessary expertise and resources, businesses can ensure optimal performance and cost-effectiveness in their applications.

Eva Blocks: Lightweight Foam for Creative Projects

Eva blocks are a versatile and convenient crafting material made from high-density foam. Their unique properties make them ideal for a wide range of projects, including props, costumes, and decorative elements.

What are Eva Blocks?

These foam blocks are known for their lightweight and easy-to-work-with qualities. They can be easily cut, sanded, and carved to achieve desired shapes and sizes. Despite their lightweight nature, eva blocks provide excellent impact resistance and are commonly used for creating safe props and costumes.


  • Lightweight: EVA blocks are significantly lighter than other foam materials, making them easy to handle and transport.
  • Easy to Work With: Their soft texture allows for easy cutting, sanding, and carving, making them perfect for beginners and experienced crafters alike.
  • Impact Resistant: While not solid, EVA blocks offer sufficient impact resistance for safe crafting.
  • Flexible: These blocks can be easily bent and molded to create unique shapes.


Eva blocks find diverse applications in various fields, including:

  • Crafting: Ideal for creating props, costumes, and decorative elements.
  • Model Making: Lightweight and flexible, making them suitable for building models and prototypes.
  • Foam Fabrication: Perfect for creating custom foam products and shapes.


Eva blocks are readily available in thicknesses ranging from 20mm to 50mm, measuring 100cm x 50cm.


Eva blocks are a versatile and accessible crafting material that offers a combination of lightweight, easy-to-work-with properties. Their impact resistance, flexibility, and affordability make them an ideal choice for a wide range of creative projects.


Q: What are the benefits of working with a reputable EVA foam manufacturer like Monmouth Rubber & Plastics?

A: Reputable manufacturers have extensive experience, ensuring high-quality materials, customization options, and competitive pricing.

Q: What industries commonly use EVA foam?

A: EVA foam is widely used in packaging, cushioning, and various other applications across industries such as automotive, electronics, and manufacturing.

Q: What factors should I consider when choosing an EVA foam manufacturer?

A: Key factors include quality, customization, pricing, and lead time.

Q: What are the applications of EVA foam blocks?

A: EVA foam blocks are commonly used for creating props, costumes, and decorative elements in various projects.

Q: What are the advantages of using EVA foam compared to other materials?

A: EVA foam is lightweight, easy to work with, and provides excellent impact resistance, making it ideal for various applications.