Yoga Block Alternatives: Supportive & Accessible Posing Solutions

Summary: Yoga Block Alternatives While yoga blocks are useful for support and alignment in various poses, they aren’t always necessary. Several accessible alternatives can achieve similar benefits. For seated poses: * Firm cushions or memory foam cushions can provide adequate support. * Thick blankets can be folded to create a stable block. * Stacked books can be used to customize block height. For standing poses: * Raise arms to chest height or higher to maintain alignment. * Use yoga straps or towels to support the hands. These alternatives offer flexibility and accessibility, allowing practitioners to modify poses and enjoy their practice regardless of block availability.

Alternatives to Yoga Blocks

Yoga blocks are useful props for many poses, offering support and alignment. However, they’re not always accessible or necessary. Fortunately, there are several alternatives you can use to eva blocks achieve similar benefits.

For seated poses:

  • Firm cushions: Standard or memory foam cushions can provide excellent support for seated poses like sukhasana (comfort pose) or virasana (hero pose).
  • Folded blankets: If you have a thick blanket, folding it in half or thirds can create a stable and supportive block.
  • Stack of books: Books of varying thicknesses can be stacked to create custom blocks. This option is great for traveling or if you prefer a softer surface.

For standing poses:

Blocks are commonly used in poses like parivrtta trikonasana (revolved triangle pose), where reaching the floor with the hands can be challenging. However, you can easily adapt this pose without blocks:

  • Raise your arms: Simply raise your arms to chest height or higher, maintaining the alignment and posture of the pose.
  • Use other props: Yoga straps or towels can be used to support the hands in this pose.

These alternatives offer a convenient and accessible way to modify poses and still achieve the desired benefits. Remember to listen to your body and choose the options that work best for you.


Q: What are some alternatives to yoga blocks for seated poses?

A: Firm cushions, folded blankets, and stacks of books can all be used to provide support and alignment in seated poses like sukhasana and virasana.

Q: How can I modify standing poses without blocks?

A: Raise your arms to chest height or higher, or use yoga straps or towels to support the hands.

Q: What are the benefits of using alternatives to yoga blocks?

A: Alternatives are often more accessible, convenient, and affordable than yoga blocks. They can also be used to modify poses for different levels of flexibility and strength.

Q: Which alternative is best for traveling?

A: Stacking books is a great option for travelers as it is lightweight and easy to pack.

Q: When should I use yoga block alternatives?

A: If yoga blocks are not accessible, uncomfortable, or if you prefer a softer surface, consider using alternative props.