Why should some EVA blocks be made into slopes?

slope EVA block

Creating slopes on EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate) blocks can provide specific advantages and serve various purposes. Here are a few reasons why EVA blocks may be made into slopes:

1. Ergonomics and Comfort

Sloped EVA blocks can be used for ergonomic purposes to ensure optimal comfort and support. By angling the surface, it helps promote proper posture and alignment, especially in activities where individuals are required to stand or perform repetitive motions for extended periods. The slope can help reduce strain on joints and muscles, enhancing overall comfort.

2. Injury Prevention

In certain exercises or physical activities, such as plyometric training or gymnastics, having sloped EVA blocks allows for smoother transitions and landings. The gradual incline helps absorb impact forces and reduce the risk of excessive strain or injury to the muscles, joints, or bones.

3. Rehabilitation and Therapy

Sloped EVA blocks are commonly utilized in rehabilitation and physical therapy settings. The gradual incline aids in the progression of exercises, allowing patients to gradually regain strength and flexibility. The adaptable slope variations cater to different levels of ability and requirements during the rehabilitation process.

4. Skill Development

In activities that involve balance, coordination, or agility training, sloped EVA blocks can be used to challenge individuals and enhance their skills. The varying degrees of incline provide opportunities for progressive training and improvement.

5. Functional Training

Sloped EVA blocks can be incorporated into functional training exercises to simulate real-life situations or sports-specific movements. The incline can mimic ramps, hills, or uneven terrain, adding an element of difficulty and specificity to the training regimen.

Sloped EVA blocks offer versatility and customization options for different applications, catering to specific needs related to ergonomics, injury prevention, rehabilitation, skill development, and functional training.

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