What is high density eva foam block?

  High density EVA foam block is a kind of EVA foam material with high density. This foam block has higher density, so it has better strength and stability. At the same time, high-density EVA foam block also has good weather resistance, ozone resistance, heat resistance, low temperature toughness, stress cracking resistance and other characteristics. High density EVA foam blocks are widely used in the field of manufacturing insoles, cushioning materials, packaging materials, etc.

High density EVA foam 1

  High density EVA foam insole is a kind of insole made of high density EVA foam material. This insole has the following characteristics:

  High elasticity: high-density EVA foam insole has high elasticity, which can well adapt to the shape of the foot and provide better support and comfort.

  Lightweight: high-density EVA foam insole is relatively light, which can reduce the weight of shoes and improve the comfort of wearing.

  Shockproof: high-density EVA foam insole has good shockproof performance, which can alleviate impact and vibration and protect feet from injury.

  Good air permeability: high-density EVA foam insole has certain air permeability, which can keep feet dry and comfortable.

  Durability: high-density EVA foam insole has good durability and can be used for a long time.

  Wear resistance: high-density EVA foam insole has good wear resistance and can withstand friction and wear.

  High density EVA foam insole is mainly used in sports shoes, casual shoes and other footwear products, which can provide good comfort and support. Meanwhile, due to its lightweight, shock-absorbing, and good breathability, it is also suitable for people who stand or walk for a long time. When choosing high-density EVA foam insoles, you need to take comprehensive consideration according to your needs and actual conditions, and choose the insoles that are suitable for you.

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