What is EVA rigid foam?

  In the ocean of material science and technology, EVA rigid foam has become a star attracting much attention due to its unique performance and wide range of applications. It has played an important role in many industries and fields due to its hard structure and good physical properties. Next, we will discuss the use of EVA rigid foam in depth.

Introduction to EVA rigid foam

  Introduction to EVA rigid foam

  EVA rigid foam is a rigid foam material made of ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer (EVA). It has high hardness, good insulation and processing performance, as well as certain toughness and impact resistance. This makes EVA rigid foam a very practical material, especially suitable for applications requiring high hardness and thermal insulation performance.

 Use of EVA rigid foam

  Thermal insulation material: because EVA rigid foam has good thermal insulation performance, it can be widely used as thermal insulation material in construction, chemical industry, aerospace and other fields. It can effectively reduce energy loss and improve equipment energy efficiency.

  Sound insulation material: EVA hard foam has excellent sound insulation performance, which can be used to make sound insulation materials such as sound insulation boards and walls. It can effectively reduce the spread of noise and provide people with a quieter living and working environment.

  Packaging material: Since EVA rigid foam has good impact resistance and shock resistance, it can be used as packaging material to protect articles during transportation. It can effectively reduce damage to items during transportation, improve product safety and reliability.

  Sports equipment: In the field of sports equipment, EVA hard foam can be used to make internal filling materials for various sports equipment, such as skis, surfboards, etc. It can provide good support and protection, improve the service life and safety of sports equipment.

  Automotive industry: In the automotive industry, EVA rigid foam is widely used in automobile interior decoration and parts manufacturing. It can provide a good touch and texture, while also helping to improve the insulation and sound insulation performance of the car.

  Shipbuilding: In the field of shipbuilding, EVA rigid foam can be used as insulation and sound insulation materials inside the hull. It can provide good insulation and seismic performance, improve the comfort and safety of ships.

  Electronic equipment: In the field of electronic equipment, EVA rigid foam can be used to manufacture the shell and internal support structure of electronic products. It has good insulation and heat resistance properties, which can protect electronic devices from the influence of external environment and heat.


  As a high performance material, EVA rigid foam has been widely used in various fields. It can provide excellent performance and stability in fields such as insulation, sound insulation, packaging, sports equipment, and automotive industry. Through reasonable application and processing, EVA rigid foam can meet various needs and bring more convenience and comfort to our life and work. With the continuous progress of science and technology and the diversification of market demand, the application prospect of EVA hard foam will be broader, injecting new vitality into the future development.

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