Camouflage EVA Foam Sheet

Blending in with nature and pursuing the ultimate, camouflage EVA creates a different style.

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Camouflage EVA Foam Sheet:

Camouflage EVA Foam Sheet 1 Camouflage EVA Foam Sheet  2 Camouflage EVA Foam Sheet 3 Camouflage EVA Foam Sheet 4

Code Size Thick Hardness Material Unit
CE1 1.3*2.45M*3.0mm 1-3mm 50C EVA By Roll
CE2 1.3*2.45M*3.0mm 1-3mm 40C EVA By Roll
CE3 1.3*2.45M*3.0mm 1-3mm 40C EVA By Roll
CE4 1.3*2.45M*3.0mm 1-3mm 40C EVA By Roll


  Camouflage EVA Sheet is a material with many uses and excellent properties. Whether it is for outdoor sports (hiking, camping, rock climbing, boating, etc.), photographic equipment, toys or industrial applications, camouflage EVA Sheet can be found in all applications. It not only enhances the comfort, durability and safety of products, but its camouflage color design also adds a unique personalization and fashion sense to the products.

  Camouflage EVA foam sheet is a kind of EVA foam material with camouflage pattern and foaming process. The characteristic of this material is that it has a rich camouflage texture on the surface, which can add a unique appearance and touch to the product. Meanwhile, due to its foaming process, it also has properties such as lightweight, softness, thermal insulation, shock absorption and buffering.

  Camo EVA foam sheet can be used in various fields, such as insoles, seat cushions, decorations, etc. Its camouflage pattern and softness can provide good comfort and support, while its insulation and shock absorption performance can improve the comfort and lifespan of the product.

  In addition, camouflage EVA foam sheets also have good processing performance, which can be used for sawing, planing, milling, drilling, nailing and other processing operations, making it convenient and efficient to produce products of various shapes and sizes. Meanwhile, this material also has the characteristics of environmental sustainability and can be recycled and reused.