ideastep Customize EVA Foam Sheets Service Introduction

  ideastep’s Customize EVA Foam Sheets service, with its excellent flexibility and exquisite craftsmanship, provides countless customized EVA foam sheet solutions for various industries. This service not only covers EVA Foam Sheets of various hardness, density, thickness and color, but also allows customers to customize various shapes according to their needs. Here is a detailed introduction to this service:

Elastic eva sheet used for flat lining of insoles

  1.Customization scope

  Hardness: ideastep offers EVA foam sheets with Shore hardness ranging from 20A to 70A. Customers can choose the most appropriate hardness according to specific application scenarios, such as 30A to 45A for packaging linings, or 40A to 60A for yoga mats.

  Density: In terms of density, the density of ideastep’s EVA foam boards ranges from 30kg/m³ to 90kg/m³, which meets the weight and strength requirements of different products.

  Thickness: The thickness can vary from 1 mm to 50 mm according to customer needs to ensure that the product has appropriate cushioning and support properties.

  Color: ideastep provides a variety of standard colors for customers to choose from, and also accepts Pantone color numbers provided by customers for customization to meet personalized color needs.

  Shape: Whether it is a regular rectangle, square, or irregular shape, ideastep can accurately cut and shape it according to the CAD drawings provided by the customer.

  2.Advantages of customized services

  Personalized satisfaction: By providing comprehensive customization options, ideastep can meet the personalized needs of different industries and different application scenarios.

  Precise control: Thanks to advanced production equipment and processes, ideastep can accurately control various performance indicators of EVA foam sheets to ensure stable and reliable product quality.

  Quick response: ideastep has an efficient production process and flexible production capacity, which can quickly respond to customers’ customized needs and shorten the product launch cycle.

  Cost-effectiveness: Through large-scale production and refined management, ideastep can provide competitive prices and help customers reduce production costs.

  3.Specific numerical examples

  Take a sporting goods company as an example. They need to customize a batch of EVA foam sheets used to make yoga mats. They chose an EVA foam board with a Shore hardness of 50A, a density of 60kg/m³, and a thickness of 10mm, and required it to be cut into a circle with a diameter of 60cm. ideastep carried out precise cutting and shaping according to these requirements and completed the order delivery within a week. This batch of customized EVA foam sheets not only meets the requirements of the sporting goods company, but is also loved by consumers for its excellent cushioning performance and comfort.

  In short, ideastep’s Customize EVA Foam Sheets service provides customers with high-quality EVA foam sheet solutions with its comprehensive customization options, precise control capabilities, fast response and cost-effectiveness. Whether you need customized hardness, density, thickness, color or shape, ideastep can meet your needs and provide excellent products and services.

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