EVA Block Foam Material Guide

  EVA Block Foam, ethylene vinyl acetate block foam, is a multifunctional material widely used in various fields. This article will introduce the common types, production processes, and applications and characteristics of EVA Block Foam in different products.

bespoke EVA compression block

  Common types:

  Ordinary EVA Block Foam: has a uniform microporous structure and is usually used for general cushioning and insulation applications.

  Cross-linked EVA Block Foam: The cross-linking reaction makes the foam stronger and has better heat resistance and mechanical properties.

  Flame retardant EVA Block Foam: Add flame retardant to make it flame retardant, suitable for occasions with high fire protection requirements.

  High elasticity EVA Block Foam: It has excellent elasticity and resilience and is often used in products that require good shock absorption properties.


  Foam molding: The EVA material is heated to a molten state, injected into the mold, and the foaming agent generates bubbles to form foam.

  Extrusion molding: The EVA material is extruded into sheets or rods through an extruder, and then cut and processed.

  Injection molding: Injection molding EVA material into foam products of the desired shape.

  Application areas and product features:

  Sports equipment: such as sports shoes, fitness equipment, etc., have good shock absorption and energy feedback, providing a comfortable sports experience.

  Electronic products: Used as packaging materials for electronic equipment. It has good buffering and insulation properties and protects equipment from impact and static interference.

  Automotive industry: used in car seats, interiors, etc. to provide a comfortable ride and sound insulation effect.

  Industrial packaging: used for packaging fragile items, with good buffering properties to reduce damage to goods during transportation.

  Overall, the diversity of EVA Block Foam meets the needs of different products. By choosing the right type and manufacturing process, foam materials with specific properties can be obtained, providing excellent properties and functions for a variety of products. It has a wide range of applications and continues to promote innovation and development in various industries. In actual applications, the specific values will be adjusted and optimized according to the requirements of the product and the use environment.

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