Camo EVA Sheet: Innovative material for industrial manufacturing

  Camo EVA Sheet is an innovative material that has attracted much attention in the industrial field. This article will take an in-depth look at its manufacturing process, manufacturing process, and key parameters such as density, color, and thickness.

Camo EVA Sheet


  The production process of Camo EVA Sheet adopts advanced extrusion molding technology. This process ensures material uniformity and consistency, resulting in a high-quality finished product.

  Production process:

  Raw material preparation: Choose high-quality EVA particles as raw materials to ensure the performance and quality of the material.

  Mixing: Thoroughly mix the EVA particles with the required pigments and additives to achieve the desired color and performance requirements.

  Extrusion: The mixed materials are fed into the extruder, and the materials are formed into sheets or rolls through heating and extrusion.

  Cooling: The extruded material needs to be cooled to stabilize its shape and size.

  Cutting and processing: According to the customer’s requirements, the cooled material is cut into the required size and shape, and further processing is performed, such as die cutting, bonding, etc.


  The density of Camo EVA Sheet is usually between 90-120 kg/cubic meter. Specific density values depend on product specifications and application requirements. Higher density usually means better physical properties such as hardness and wear resistance.


  Camo EVA Sheet provides a wide range of color options, including colorful camouflage. This unique color design makes it more attractive in appearance and suitable for a variety of different application scenarios.


  ​The thickness range is from 1mm to 50mm and can be customized according to specific application requirements. Different thickness options provide flexibility for use in different fields and meet various industrial design requirements.

  Application areas:

  Due to its versatility and excellent performance, Camo EVA Sheet is widely used in many industrial fields. It is commonly used in packaging, shoe soles, baby toys, construction, paper cutting and models, etc.

  For example, in the packaging industry, Camo EVA Sheet can be used to protect fragile items, providing cushioning and shock resistance. In sole manufacturing, it provides good comfort and wear resistance. In baby toys, its safety and softness are the primary considerations.


  Camo EVA Sheet has become an ideal material in industrial manufacturing with its advanced production technology, diverse color and thickness options, and customizable density. Its wide range of applications demonstrates its importance and versatility in different industries. Through precise process control and quality management, Camo EVA Sheet provides reliable solutions for various industrial applications. As the industry continues to develop, we can expect Camo EVA Sheet to demonstrate its unique value and potential in more fields.

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