Application and characteristic analysis of EVA Block

   Application of EVA Block

  EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer) Block is a high-performance foam material widely used in many fields. The following are its main application areas:

EVA Block

  Sports shoes and shoe materials: EVA Block is often used to make midsoles and insoles of sports shoes due to its good cushioning properties and wear resistance, providing the wearer with a comfortable wearing experience.

  Packaging materials: EVA Block is used as packaging materials due to its excellent shock resistance and cushioning properties, especially in the packaging of electronic products and fragile items.

  Building sound insulation materials: In the construction field, EVA Block can be used as a sound insulation material to effectively reduce noise transmission.

  Toys and children’s products: Because EVA Block is non-toxic, odorless and safe, it is often used to make children’s toys and products, such as puzzles, floor mats, etc.

  Manufacturing technology and process of EVA Block

  The production of EVA Block mainly includes the following steps:

  Material preparation: Prepare EVA resin, foaming agent, catalyst and other necessary raw materials.

  Mixing and stirring: Mix EVA resin, foaming agent, catalyst, etc. according to a certain proportion, and stir thoroughly to ensure uniform mixing.

  Foaming: Adding heat or pressure to a mixture causes a chemical reaction to produce a large amount of gas, causing the mixture to expand and foam.

  Curing: By controlling temperature and pressure, EVA Block is gradually cured during the foaming process.

  Cooling and cutting: After the EVA Block is solidified, it is cooled and cut as needed to obtain the EVA Block of the required size.

  Characteristics of EVA Block products

  Excellent buffering performance: EVA Block has excellent impact resistance and buffering properties, and can effectively absorb and disperse external impacts.

  Good wear resistance: EVA Block has a wear-resistant surface, is not easily worn, and has a long service life.

  Excellent sound insulation performance: EVA Block can effectively reduce the transmission of sound and is suitable for building sound insulation and packaging sound insulation.

  Environmentally friendly and non-toxic: EVA Block strictly controls harmful substances during the production process to ensure product safety and environmental protection.

  Easy to process: EVA Block can be cut, hot-pressed, etc. as needed, and can be easily made into products of various shapes and sizes.

  EVA Block performance parameter table

  Performance parameter value

  Density (g/cm³) 0.1-0.6

  Hardness (Shore A) 20-80

  Tensile strength (MPa) 1.0-6.0

  Elongation at break (%) 200-600

  Heat distortion temperature (℃) 50-100

  Thermal conductivity (W/m·K) 0.1-0.2

  Sound insulation effect (dB) 20-30


  As a high-performance foam material, EVA Block is widely used in sports shoes, packaging materials, building sound insulation materials, toys and other fields due to its excellent cushioning performance, wear resistance, sound insulation performance, environmental protection and non-toxicity. application. With the advancement of technology and the continuous expansion of the market, the application fields of EVA Block will be further expanded, bringing more convenience and comfort to people’s lives.

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